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Welcome To

Welcome to Wealth Mentor


Wealth Mentor is New Zealands leading professional mentoring and education company. 

• Taught tens of thousands of clients over the last decade in Australia, NZ and Asia

• Individually mentored thousands of clients

• Have a combined 100+ years of investing experiences amongst our coaches and speakers

• Brought some of the most exciting and innovative speakers in the world to NZ and Australia


A life-changing 3 days with commitment and continuous support.

Macey Family

Love the fact that the WM support gives you the confidence & proven strategies to be successful.

Nicolette & Mahon

My whole perspective on finance & property has been expanded & changed – I can see it happening.


Absolutely loved the programme. A dream come true – thank you to all involved.


There is so much to take away from this programme, we feel empowered with the amount of education provided.

Chantelle & Andrew

FANTASTIC programme – cannot express how grateful we are for the opportunities this has opened us up to!!

Claire, Doon & Steve

Will never look at property the same way again. Fantastic. Thank you!

Vicki R

The experience was 10/10