About Us

Wealth Mentor is Australasia's leading wealth education provider, and has been providing these services since 2005.  


We teach real strategies that work in property, business, shares and in yourself. We provide our students with the tools and mindset to achieve their goals and ultimately financial freedom.


Our Speakers & Mentors are investors themselves - they have a combined experience of over 100 years of property investing, and well in excess of Half a Billion ($500,000,000) worth of property. They know what it takes, and understand what needs to be done to make that change. 


We have delivered events in 10 different countries, and have been responsible for bringing some of the most innovative speakers to present in NZ & Australia including:


Kevin Green - BBC Secret Millionaire, and one of the UKs largest private landlords


Ben Doyle - Award winning property developer & acclaimed international speaker


Peter Spann - Multi Best Selling Author of 'From Broke to Multi-millionaire In Just 7 years', 'How You Could Build a $10million Property Portfolio In Just 10 Years’, 'Wealth Magic’, and many more


Dr Rohan Weerasinghe - Personal development and property strategy guru.


Our mentors and speakers have appeared on numerous TV programmes including Breakfast Show, Campbell Live & Our First Home, as well as being featured in multiple publications which include NZ Herald, NZ Property Investor Magazine, Metro Magazine and NZ Woman’s Weekly, amongst others. Not to mention, having written multiple international best selling books.


The Wealth Mentor team know the strategies that will assist you in achieving your personal or financial goals.


This is your investment - in yourself and your future.

Thank you for choosing Wealth Mentor.