About Us

Wealth Mentor is Australasia's leading wealth education provider, and has been providing these services since 2005. At Wealth Mentor, we teach real strategies that work in property, business, shares and in yourself. We provide our students with the tools and mindset to achieve their goals and ultimately resulting in financial freedom. Our Speakers & Mentors are investors themselves - they have a combined experience of over 100 years of property investing, and well in excess of Half a Billion ($500,000,000) worth of property. They know what it takes, and understand what needs to be done to make that change. The Wealth Mentor team know the strategies that will assist you in achieving your personal or financial goals.




Meet the Team

At Wealth Mentor we're a team of fun people full of diverse personalities. We're all active property investor teaching you the most 'up to date' skills and techniques in the world of property! But outside of property we each have individual interests and hobbies with different backgrounds. Learn a little more about us below!



Jono Frankle

Managing Director

Winner of Our First Home TV Show

Property Mentor



Jono, the managing director of Wealth Mentor, loves the responsibility that comes with changing people's lives. As a proud product of the Wealth Mentor education program he is now honored to call the Wealth Mentor team his co-workers and friends. Jono’s motivation is all around providing the best future for his family. Having discovered property after successfully winning the TVNZ reality TV show ‘Our first home’ with his wife and parents in law, he knew he had found his passion in this area. He went on to build an impressive portfolio by trading properties in Joint Venture Partnerships and reinvesting his profits into a buy and hold portfolio returning a passive income stream. Aside from property, he likes to spend time playing tennis and has taught as a tennis coach, spending quality time with his two daughters and lovely wife, and you may find on the golf course too.


Belinda Beatty

Property Mentor

Cert 4 in Business

Leadership Coaching Air Force and Flying Instructor



Travelling the world, flying aircraft"s as an Airforce Flying Instructor, Belinda always questioned, “must be a better way to get ahead, rather than just relying on salary”. She later discovered property and dove straight into the deep end, building a multi-million dollar portfolio with a six figure passive income in only a few short years all whilst maintaining her family life. Belinda retains her militaristic approach to investing, scrutinizing each deal to ensure she receives capital gains and massive cashflow. A West Australian at heart, Belinda now resides in Raglan, NZ taking advantage of great investing opportunities and of course the totally rad surf lifestyle.


Charlie Hayward

Head Mentor

Masters & Post-Graduate Diploma in Adult Education

20 Years Experience in Education/Training Industry



With 20 years background in Education, Training and Development, Charles is extremely passionate about adult education and personal development. He has himself mentored over 100 Wealth Mentor students and takes pride in helping them achieve success. Having been part of the navy and also looking after peace keeping duties in Cambodia, Charles is known for his patience, guidance and for ‘keeping it cool’ under pressure. Charles has built a superb multimillion dollar buy and hold portfolio with properties across New Zealand, allowing him to have free time volunteering for a number of charity organizations.



Helen Yu

Property Mentor

BCom (Accounting & Finance) and BA (Phychology)

Chartered Accountant (NZ & Aus)



A chartered accountant by trade, Helen has built an impressive international buy and hold portfolio with properties across New Zealand and UK. Helen’s portfolio consists of single tenancies, boarding houses, complex developments and subdivisions - where she retains the new builds for the cashflow. Helen created a six-figure passive income stream in only two short years allowing her to pass her knowledge on to her family and her students to ensure they too are able to prosper and create freedom through property just as she has done.

Kyron Gosse

Property Mentor

Cert 4 Business (Property Investing)




As an adventurer and traveler, Kyron believes that people shouldn’t feel trapped in a job they hate just to maintain a livelihood. Therefore, his mission is to help people create freedom living life on their own terms. With a background in entrepreneurship, Kyron’s specialty is ‘zero money down’ deals and teaches property investing not being about relying on the resources you have, but learning how to leverage other people’s resources creating a win-win outcome. Kyron takes a “no excuses” attitude to his wealth creation, pushing both himself and his students to their limits with his mantra “Don’t tell me what you can’t do, tell me what you can do”.


Ryan Hewitt

Property Mentor

Expert in Property & Tenant Management

Buy & Hold Expert


Having run his physiotherapy clinic for 15 years, Ryan was ultimately able to exit his business and focus on property full time. Ryan classifies himself as a ‘classic wealth creator’ who purchases appreciating assets below value, adds further value to it, and then holds it long term. His portfolio is stacked with solid investments in desirable neighborhoods and well zoned schools. Ryan is a ‘weekend warrior’ sportsman and sees many parallels between his career in wealth and health citing that the “key to life is balance.” Ryan absolutely thrives in helping people to achieve their goals and has helped countless families to create wealth and financial freedom through property investing.





Jeanette Southey

Property Mentor

Interior Designer




With over 20 years experience in property investing, developments and business, you could say Jeanette has learnt a thing or two when it comes to property. This has led to Jeanette becoming a successful investor and mentor within the Wealth Mentor Team.

With her interior designing background, she has renovated many houses and created Award winning homes.

Together with her husband Paul they have developed a hugely successful building company and property portfolio. Jeanette’s enthusiasm to share her experience’s and knowledge will inspire others to use similar strategies.


Paul Southey

Property Mentor

Property Developer

President of Wairapa Master Builders



Paul Southey born and raised in the Wairarapa, where his journey took him from a young truck driver to an award winning builder and investor.

His career has seen him build over 700 Homes, invest in rental properties in multiple countries, perform renovations, build spec homes, numerous subdivisions as well as occupy leading roles in business, sports, Master Builder associations and guiding Iwi organisations.

Together with his very talented wife Jeanette, they have become a power couple in business and property and are passionately involved in the journey to help and support others.


Natalia Kurilyak

Customer Success



Wealth Mentor opened a whole new world to Natalia, proving that anyone can achieve financial freedom and create a positive change in their lives simply by being guided by an already successful mentor. Therefore Natalia has been able to embrace her passion in helping changemakers transform the lives of others, by organising life changing events and helping them to step out of the rat race and step into life that they deserve, so that they too can create a positive change.

Natalia manages the day to day operational side of wealth mentor, supporting customers on their wealth journey and managing the mentorships. In fact you could even say that Natalia is the glue that holds everything together.


Therese Grønnæss

Property Investor

Bachelor of Computer Science 

Wealth Wizard



Norwegian born and living in New Zealand for the last 9 years. Therese’s curiosity for adventure and new experiences made her take the leap into property investment, with the goal of obtaining financial independence and freeing her time for her passions, which include travel and giving back to others. She has a very strong analytical and structured mindset developed through over 11 years working in the IT industry. Through her work experience she has developed invaluable skills to help grow her property portfolio. Together with her partner, they have embraced the property investment journey to transform old houses into beautiful, warm and healthy homes that people are proud to live in.