Following appearances at the latest Success Summit with Tony Robbins in Sydney by Ben Doyle, and David Leon speaking at the National Achievers Congress with Grant Cardone & Gary Vee, Wealth Mentor is very excited to offer a one-off experience to Auckland investors.

You are invited to attend an intensive full day with Ben and David at the Heritage Hotel, where they will explain how to supercharge your investing career and reach your goals within a shorter time frame than you ever thought possible using a combination of local and international cashflow investments that will maximize your return on investment and leverage opportunities whilst minimizing your risks.



David Leon is an international investor and best selling author who will share with you his top strategy picks in today’s market and for the next few years. David has spoken to and taught tens of thousands of people in seven different countries over the last decade.


He loves sharing his insights so you can make the most out of property investing in the most exciting property market on the planet. David is one of NZ’s most creative property renovators. He

specialises in adding rooms, quick flicks and leaky home reclads. David’s deals in NZ will shock you!


David has an immense wealth of knowledge that allowed him to create very profitable property trading businesses, using none of his own money, which recently sold for $6million. For the first time ever in NZ David will be explaining how he did it and how you can do it too.


Here are some of the strategies we will cover at this one of a kind event: 


1. Quick flicks 

2. Contemporaneous settlements 

3. Structural renovations 

4. Cosmetic renovations 

5. Land banking 

6. Leaky home reclads 

7. And many more….



A Sydney born plumber turned property investor and developer, will inspire you with how over the past 17 years he has developed over $350 million in property deals AND how you too can easily adapt these same strategies to get your property portfolio thriving. He will also introduce you to the techniques he uses to create passive cashflow through property investments and which markets yield best results.  


With a proven track record of over 600+ apartments and homes completed, Ben and his highly skilled team gain regular Award-Winning recognition by the REINSW and Housing Industry Australia for their design excellence and execution in the market. In work mode, Ben is the Director of a publicly listed Property & Investment company, CEO & Founder of leading development company Fiducia and International Property Educator & Trainer. Ben is also a dedicated husband, father of three daughters, surfer, motorbike enthusiast and lover of rum. 


Ben’s award-winning, honest and straight forward techniques will show you: 


1. The HOT VALUE markets to focus your investing for 2019

2. Why diversity is key and using the same property strategy over and over again no longer cuts it

3. How creating long term passive income in this property market will help build your true wealth

4. The value investing skills first time and seasoned property investors can use for fast returns

5. When to take action in the market to get the biggest gains and the best results

Make sure you book early because it is one of a kind and places are limited. Bookings Essential!


The Real Estate market can be by far one of the world’s most accessible and profitable platforms for creating wealth.

If there has ever been a more pertinent time to be armed with the right

knowledge, now is that time.   

Heritage Hotel - Robert Laidlaw Room

Event 10am - 3pm



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